Original fusion here

I’m not actually very happy how this turned out but uuuuugh, let’s post it anyway


To all the Pokemon Artists on Tumblr! I have a challenge for you!

Similar to the popular Pokedexy challenge, I have a challenge for the month of October that’s coming out! :3

I envisioned each day to have some kind of Halloween theme to it. So of course with each day, be creative and have fun with whatever Pokemon you choose to draw. :D

And I’ll absolutely reblog EVERY SINGLE drawing based on this challenge.

The tag for this challenge will be PokeHalloween !

Hope everyone has fun with this, and make sure to reblog to spread the word!!

Go little centaur fusion, go! But seriously don’t you guys think that pilesofpixels makes one one of the best pokefusions. I just want to draw them all haha!
Original fusion here

Aaa, this was so pleasant to draw (let’s just not talk about that bearish anatomy. I should practice more hmm)
Original fusion here

Original fusion here

Impala centaurs!
but whos that little guy over there? a monk pandaren! isn’t the resemblance great?

those sprites in the last request aren't his. they're stolen. i know the original was from this site called pokestadium, and that was some years ago.

Really? D: oh noes, I’ll add this info to the original post then ò__ó

Request from mohamednt,tho these fusions are apparently from site called pokestadium..

Casual windrunner/ranger and cm

Request from pokemonmasterart, thank you!
noitarumpusymposium hey this is my request I had to tag you in the photo because the question was stuck on loading
Original fusion here
My fusions don’t seem to have any resembles to pokemons these days >__>’