I’m alive! more or less, I’ll be back to drawing stuff now I hope.

Original fusion here

Something happened on the way..it got eerie, but in a way I liked it, so I kept it that way.

Original fusion here

Finally I’m posting something after a long time, been super busy, sorry!
But here, have this super happy bat thing.

Original fusion here

this time miltanks
From left to right, up to down:
brahman, hereford
texas longhorn, ankole-watusi
highland cattle, eastern finncattle

Something of my own this time;fusion of sandslash and ampharos

Original fusion here

I made it look too much of a cat but I was too lazy to change it   TT _ TT

Fusion request from klohinx: blaziken and rapidash
thanks for your request!  ´ u `

Fusion request from pilesofpixels: Sylveon and ninetales
Ninetales part is a bit left to shadows next to sylveon, it has so simple desing..
But omg, behold the sparkle dog! I have created a monster.

Fusion request from moscd: Kricketot and Marowak.
Yayy I got a request, this one got maybe a bit too little of kricketot tho..
but anyway, thank you moscd!  ´ u `